2015 // Realised at Kunstmuseum Heylshof, Worms

The Romantic is preformed today by the figure of an art collector. Through his/her collection a luxurious life, self-presentation and even glorification of the sexuality are represented. As every popular phenomenon, it finds an expression in many pop song's texts. I have always been fascinated by the hidden depths of poetry written for pop music. It's not that they are sophisticated, they are rather like westernised haiku, which leave the listener with ambiguity and an uncertain feeling.  


Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth, we'll never die

We're like diamonds in the sky

For my projection, I selected a landscape by the Dutch painterJacob van Ruysdael Salomonsz. The landscape painter was considered as exemplary in the late Romantic period - a period, when romantic landscape has become fetishised and profoundly commercialised. This is also the time, when new industrial elite is coming up and in order to consolidate their social position, they began to build private art collections. The collecting of art and the traveling to the new colonial places went hand in hand. Therefore, the subtitles like "When the clouds come we're gone" and "Clouds filled with stars cover your skies" places not only contemporary break with the classic landscape but also questions the role of a private collection within the society today.