The short film Reverse cast two actresses, one of them is a reporter, another is an inhabitant in problem immigrant neighborhood. In a strange house full of flowers and photographs the metamorphoses happen: the people start to remember long forgotten stories from their past and slowly leaving their studied roles.

I am interested in the social paradigms that arouse, promote or suppress certain roles. The roles can have the private or professional character, and they can be played with different effort. I am interested in the social segmentation through which aggression and everything what can not be played is aggregated. Basically I pose the question, how she would become if she would been born somewhere else?




ACTRESSES: Anna Neata, Britta Jacobi

CAMERA: Pavel Metelitsyn

PRODUCER: Jana Piontkovska

SOUND RECORDING: Claudia Schuh, Nikita Gorlum

CUT / COLOR GRADING: Pavel Metelitsyn, Ira Konyukhova