DeConstruction of Godard I: The Kitchen

DeConstruction of Godard II: Who is speaking?

HD-video / 35 mm film, 2 and 3 min

A bar table, tape, cloth, canvas print


In this two-part work, I’m deconstructing the Godardian view on Gender Identity and in particular female sexuality, using a trailer to his film „Numero Deux„ (1976), which was never shown to the public. It's known that despite his socialist and feminist views, Godard often uses a voyeuristic look on a woman in his films, showing her masturbating, applying makeup, thinking, reading, observing. This male gaze by Godard is recreating the traditional gaze of a male painter or a male writer to grasp the object, to describe it, to reveal and analyze it. Why not establish an attention back: a female gaze. 
The first video is dealing with issues like family ties, objectification, and commodification of the female body, thus criticizing Godard attempting to overthrow the represented power structure. 
The exhibition was accompanied by the blog, where contemporary issues on gender and sexuality were represented.